A pregnant woman’s journey

When staying in Lalit's village we were asked to see a pregnant woman who was unwell. She was 6 months pregnant, and appeared very unwell with abdominal pain and a fever. She was lucky to have lalit in the village that day; after examining her in her house in front of the elders, she was advised to urgently go to hospital as she hadn't felt her baby move for a week. The only way to hospital was by foot, and she was too ill to walk. We followed her journey, as she was carried in a chair on the backs of a porter and her husband - who took it in turns to carry her down and ...

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Morning meeting with Lalit

Leaving civilisation  We have woken to the sound of tropical birds, and strange Nepalese throat clearing noises in nepaljung in the west of Nepal. Lalit (see above) was delighted with his solar powered radio gift, and we have just had a good breakfast to set us up for the day. This morning we head off by jeep to into the jungle, were our journey to Kalikot begins. We are all really excited, and slightly anxious to know what hurdles we may come across.  Keep watching to see how things turn out...

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Preparing for the upcoming trip to Nepal..

Plans are heavily underway for Dr Kate Yarrow (Founder and chairman of Doctors For Nepal) to visit the remote district of Kalikot, along with Gareth Taylor (or Taylor-Made Media). The party will be leaving for Nepal this Thursday, and will be journeying to one of the worlds most isolated areas by foot. They are hoping to film the experiences of patients trying to access healthcare, and will be following their stories as they unfold. They will also follow the work of DFN’s first doctor - Lalit, as he goes about his gruelling daily work high up in the Himalayas. Kate will ...

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Providing much needed medical care to isolated communities

living in rural nepal