Dr Meena saving lives on the side a mountain

Our first female DFN sponsored student, Dr Meena, has shared the extraordinary story of how she saved the life of a mother and baby, whilst working in an extremely resource-limited setting. She is working in the far west of Nepal, in a tiny mountain-side hospital. There are no operating theatre lights, and no electricity to power instruments to stem blood-flow.

A few weeks ago she undertook an emergency caesarian section on an extremely unwell women who had been in labour for over two days. It took many hours to convince the family that a Caesarean was required to save her and the baby’s life. Then later that night, when the sun had set on the mountains, the family asked her to proceed with the the surgery. It was extremely difficult to arrange blood for transfusion  and staff to come in from their mountain homes;  there were many unimaginable challenges to overcome (including the critical lack of power). But finally they were able to carry out the caesarian section.

Dr Meena (R) performing C Section

Fortunately, due to Dr Meena’s medical training, and her communication and coordination with the other staff in the tiny hospital, she was able to successfully deliver the baby.  We are happy to report that mother and baby are now doing really well.

Meena is currently undertaking her bonded period back with DFN- in return for the full scholarship she received from us. It is with your continued support that we are able to help offer hope of improved healthcare to these remote inaccessible regions of the Himalayas.

Dr Meena – mother and baby both well

Well done Meena! We are so very proud of you.