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Samina Asarpati

About Current: Qualified nurse, now working in her home district, at Amppipal Hospital, Gorkha Having received support from DFN to complete her nursing course at Karnali Academy of Health Sciences, Samina has now graduated as a qualified nurse and is our sixth 'Nurse for Nepal'.  Without our support, Samina would have been unable to complete her studies. Samina says (June 2022): "I'm so thankful to DFN for the support you gave me. At that time I was so nervous and helpless because I couldn't even pay my admission fee. At that time I always feared that I would have to quit my study due to my financial condition, but with the support of DFN I am ...

Man Bahadur Darji

'Now I have thread of hope that I got DFN as backbone to concentrate only on study and career. Thank you for helping me in this crucial time.'

Arju Nepali

About Age: 27 Home: Jumla, Chandannath Municipality-3 Dadakot Background: Father does a variety of jobs as they arise such as masonry and farming, Mother does the housework and farming Current: First year nursing student at Karnali Academy of Health Sciences Arju is currently in her first year at Karnali Academy of Health Sciences, studying nursing. She was born in a remote area in Jumla district and has lived there all of her life. She is excited to gain a scholarship and work in the rural areas that she is familiar with following her studies.

Caz Winter

Caz has a background is in social care management and prior to joining DFN, she was operations manager for a supported living company for clients with complex care needs. She has previously worked in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare settings, which provided her with an appreciation of the complexities of healthcare in impoverished communities in the UK and abroad. Along with her role at DFN, she is an freelance English teacher and writer.

Parbati Bhandari

About Age: 24 Home:  Kanaka Sundari, 1, Jumla Background: Father and mother are farmers. Middle of 2 siblings - 1 younger brother and 1 older brother Previous employment:  Current: Qualified as a midwife in 2023, having studied at  KAHS Jumla Nursing College. Currently looking for he first job role as a fully qualified midwife. We were pleased to welcome Parbati into the Doctors for Nepal family, as one of our first  midwifery degree students.  It is the first time that a midwifery degree course has been set up in Nepal, in conjunction with Karnali Academy of Health Sciences (KAHS). We awarded Parbati a full scholarship to study ...