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News from Kamal

We asked Kamal, one of our newest qualified doctors, to let us know how he is coping with Covid-19 as he works as a medical intern in Patan Hospital in Kathmandu. Here is his report, in his own words:"Till now I’m safe here, I pray to god you are also safe there. As the cases of corona virus rise day by day here also, the mortality rate is increasing as well. Up to today (September) there were altogether 44235 cases are positive among which 25526 cases were recovered and 271 cases died because of corona. The symptomatic cases are increasing. Now, our country in 2nd phase of lockdown. Even though the government made the strong intervention to ...

Online auction raises just over £2,000

Our online auction ended on 2 October and we are pleased to announce that, thanks to your generous bidding, we have raised over £2000 all of which will be spent on purchasing and delivering PPE to our doctors, medical and nursing students, midwifery students and their colleagues. We are extremely grateful to all our amazing prize givers - we couldn't have held this auction without their generosity.

Lalit recovers from Covid-19

Dr Lalit, our first ever DFN funded student, now a doctor undertaking his postgraduate education in obstetrics and gynaecology in Egypt, is recovering from being extremely unwell with Covid-19. He touchingly writes “I pray to God for my life. I want to survive because I need to do many things that are pending…I remember those beautiful days of working in the remote hospitals of Nepal…I remember the smiles of my patients after getting new life..” We asked Lalit to write about this dreadful virus and how it has effected him. We all wish you well dear Lalit. “My Experience during COVID 19 Infection: A Precious Life” By Dr Lalit Shahi....

Online auction in aid of PPE

We are hosting an online auction to raise urgent funds to provide PPE to protect healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic in some of the most remote parts of Nepal.SOME AMAZING PRIZES TO BE WON 1 night's camping in private glade, Wilderness Wood, East Sussex1 night's stay for 2, houseboat, Shoreham-by-Sea1 hour's flight for 1 along coast East Sussex1 week's stay for up to 10 people, Provence, France CLICK HERE TO START BIDDING Very few hospitals or health-workers in Nepal have any form of PPE, so our goal is to raise as much money as possible to purchase this much needed equipment to help protect our doctors, nurses, and students. ...


We are overjoyed to announce that 5th year medical students Apsara and Kamal have both passed their final year medical exams and are now our 5th and 6th Doctors For Nepal. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Dr Apsara and Dr Kamal - we are very, very proud of you both. All your hard work over the past 5 years has paid off and you are both truly dedicated to serving the remote communities of Nepal. Both will now work as interns for a year at Patan Hospital in Kathmandu before hopefully finding jobs as doctors back in their remote regions.